For over 20 years the tangle of yarns, textures and creative craftmanship take shape creating a D.EXTERIOR total look in high fashion knitting.

The thread and its multiple expressions are the first and most important collection designers, everything else is careful and constant cure: quality control and attention to details are the secret ingredients of the success of this MADE IN ITALY label.

The result of this rigorous research and indisputed garment refinement are the combination that brought D.EXTERIOR to be recognized world wide as a luxury brand: a guarantee of the finest quality and elegance.

The company is the guarantor of Made in Italy and marries the FAIR TRADE philosophy, selecting 100% Italian raw materials and craftmanship. Also Oriental silks are treated and dyed in Italy to improve performance and quality.

Each piece has its origins in San Zeno Naviglio ( Brescia, Italy), head quarter of the company and cradle of the engineering prototype designs. During each single knit realization, a number of artisan workshops get involved, all of which are located within 30 km from Brescia under the careful eye of quality control supervisors that analyze, at each colour or size-change, that the goods meet the standards you are accustomed to.

From dress to cardigans and knitted coats, everything ends where it began: at the premises where the control of each item passes and where the finishing is handmade.

D. Exterior is having a rampant growth. The credit, according to Nadia, is for all her employees: to whom she wants to dedicate, with these few lines, an affectionate and sincere thankyou.


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